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After taking 2005 off, skatepunk/thrash outfit D.R.I. has begun announcing routing for their upcoming tour. For the tour, the band will be joined by New York City's Subzero and the band hopes to follow this US run with dates in the rest of the world

The band formed in the early 1980s and combined hardcore with thrash metal. Their most recent release was 1995's Full Speed Ahead.

The band also released a live DVD last December and also posted a new demo track titled "Against Me" for an upcoming recording.

May 22, 2006Seattle, WA
May 23, 2006Portland, OR
May 24, 2006Boise, ID
May 25, 2006Salt Lake City, UT
May 26, 2006Ft Collins, CO
May 27, 2006Denver, CO
May 28, 2006Kansas City, MO
May 30, 2006St Louis, MO
May 31, 2006Minneapolis, MN
June 1, 2006Chicago, IL
June 2, 2006Battle Creek, MI
June 3, 2006Detroit, MI
June 5, 2006Cleveland, OH
June 9, 2006Bedford, PA
June 10, 2006Poughkeepsie, NY
June 11, 2006NYC, NY
June 13, 2006Baltimore, MD
June 14, 2006Springfield, All
June 16, 2006Fayetteville, NC
June 17, 2006Atlanta, GA
June 18, 2006Jacksonville, FL
June 19, 2006Ft Lauderdale, FL
June 20, 2006Orlando, FL
June 21, 2006Tampa, FL
June 22, 2006New Orleans, LA
June 23, 2006Houston, TX
June 24, 2006San Antonio, TX
June 25, 2006Albuquerque, NM
June 26, 2006Phoenix, AZ
June 27, 2006Los Angeles, CA
June 28, 2006Santa Ana, CA
June 29, 2006Sacramento, CA
July 1, 2006San Francisco, CA
July 2, 2006Eugene, CA