Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Antagonist

Mashup act The Legion of Doom who are signed to Trever Keith's Antagonist Records have leaked their album to P2P networks amid concerns that it would never be heard.

The group, which takes popular punk and emo tracks and combines them together, has run into a slew of legal difficulties clearing the songs, saying:

[We] cannot legally manufacture or distribute the album, we are taking steps to make the mashups we have created as widely available as possible. If you're looking for the album, hit up the p2p networks (eDonkey2000, FastTrack, Gnutella, et al.

The project has run into trouble in the past as well when some artists, including Taking Back Sunday were "less than pleased" with the results.

  1. "Know What You Buried Last Summer" - Taking Back Sunday vs Senses Fail
  2. "Dottie in a Car Crash" - The Get Up Kids vs Thursday
  3. "The Quiet Screaming" - Dashboard Confessional vs Brand New
  4. "Dangerous Business Since 1979? - underOATH vs mewithoutyou
  5. "Stupid Kill" - Thrice vs Alkaline Trio
  6. "Destroy All Vampires" - My Chemical Romance vs Static Lullaby (featuring Triune)
  7. "At Your Funeral for a Friend" - Saves the Day vs Funeral for a Friend
  8. "Lolita’s Medicine" - From Autumn to Ashes vs Dead Poetic
  9. "Icarus Underwater" - Armor for Sleep vs Hopesfall (featuring Planet Asia)
  10. "Ebola in Memphis" - Every Time I Die vs Norma Jean (featuring KRS ONE)
  11. "Devil in a Blue Dress" - Coheed and Cambria vs Senses Fail
  12. "A Threnody for a Grand" - Atreyu vs It Dies Today
  13. "My Holiday Burn" - The Get Up Kids vs Matchbook Romance
  14. "Hands Down Gandhi" - Dashboard Confessional vs Sage Francis