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Australia's Frenzal Rhomb have posted an update on the status of the long-running band

Of course, two members, Jay and the Doctor took to the airwaves last year as the new hosts of Triple J's breakfast show.

The band had this to say:

We've been getting together as much as possible lately, and so far, we've managed to demo around 30-odd new songs. We're as happy as a paedo in a kindy with them so far, but I'm hardly gonna sit here like every other self-important fuckhead from just about every other band ever, and tell you how great we are, or bang on about how, "Oh, this new stuff is the best stuff we've ever done, we really tried to branch out", blah blah. Fucken whatever. We're gonna put out a record when we collectively have the time, it's gonna sound like us, you might like it, you might wanna neck yourself to it.

The band previously released Sans Souci.