Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Warcon Entertainment

Helmet has signed to Warcon Enterprises. Founder Page Hamilton commented on Warcon's integrated approach to marketing and merchandise:

"I really like what Warcon stands for. In today's music climate, it's more intriguing to be involved in every aspect of the project. The structure of this deal makes me more of a partner rather than the traditionally signed artist / record deal approach, which for me personally has little value anymore."

The band has already written several tracks for their upcoming album, to be released on the Kevin Lyman-operated label, with production being handled by Hamilton and Warton Tiers, who the band has worked with before on their first two releases Strap It On and Meantime. The album is going to be recorded all-analog via the same tape machine that recorded those first two releases and is the first since 2004's Size Matters.

The long-running metal band will also be taking one of the headlining spots on this year's Warped Tour and will be performing at SXSW, where they will perform with fellow labelmates Opiate for the Masses, My American Heart, Street Drum Corps and Dir en Grey at the PETA documentary party.