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Tim from Wreck The Place Fantastic recently interviewed Xiao Rong of Brain Failure and got some interesting nuggets of information from him.

Their new EP was recently recorded in Boston with Ken Casey (Dropkick Murphys) as producer and will feature some old songs being re-recorded. "Living in the City" and "Welcome to Beijing" are two older tracks by the band that have been re-recorded. Another song, "You're Gonna Die", was rewritten and reinvisioned by the band as a reggae track. The new version of "Welcome to Beijing" will also feature a guest spot by former Mighty Mighty Bosstones vocalist Dicky Barrett. The future of the EP is uncertain and may be used for a split release, but details are still unknown.

The band will be touring with Against All Authority, The Code and Crime in Stereo in March and April and with Roger Miret & The Disasters and the Business in May. The band released American Dreamer in 2005.