Tim Krysko of Wreck The Place Fantastic reporting in with our International Spotlight. Every week we're featuring updates and music downloads from bands outside the North American market. This week we're headed to Hong Kong:

A few days ago I was browsing websites and myspace pages belonging to a number of bands from North Point, Hong Kong. One band that stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to listen to all the material I could find was a group called the Lovesong. The storyline is pretty straightforward. In 1999 a songwriter-slash-guitarist named Ben Tse got together another guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer, and started a band. They've developed a pretty impressive indie rock sound familiar to the midwestern United States and fans of traditional emo. Influences range from Cursive and Q And Not U to Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate. They have a self-released CD they sell at shows in Hong Kong; the packaging is entirely handmade and individually numbered and dated for each particular show. Check out this track called "Eastern Moments Western Skies".

Lovesong - Eastern Moments Western Skies (MP3)