Contributed by Sickgirl98, Posted by Victory

Scott Wade, vocalist of Canadian hardcore act Comeback Kid, has announced via a myspace bulletin his departure from the band. Wade wrote in part:

Life is full of hard decisions, but only a few of them are as big as this and absolutely life changing. I was faced with one of these decisions. The kind of decision that keeps you up nights, tossing and turning, leaving your stomach in knots. […] This band has been my life for the past 4 years, and I was a roadie for another band prior to that. I really don't know, or have anything else in my life. Saying I'm not "scared" about my future would be a complete lie. I just got to a point where being on the road for 10 months had become hard, and pushing to be home more became a conflicting agenda. Some would like to see this band go as far as it possibly can, and I was an anchor holding this back. I just wanted to play something honest, make some friends and see the world and I got to do that, and I am forever grateful for my experiences.

No mention has been made of whether or not the band's current dates with Sinking Ships and, shortly after, Ignite, will go on. Rumors abound that guitarist / backup vocalist Andrew Neufeld will take over the lead role, but nothing has been confirmed thus far.

Wade's credits include last year's Victory release Wake the Dead and 2003's Facedown effort Turn It Around.