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Mississauga, Ontario's the Fullblast have called it quits. The band announced the split on their MySpace page, citing the departure of drummer Andy Lewis who has since joined Boys Night Out as a guitarist. From the statement:

Essentially, our drummer Andy has decided to join our friends Boys Night Out as guitarist. We will spare everyone the details of how things have gone down, but suffice it to say that it surprised us all, and disappointed, we don't feel like the band can move forward without him. We have all agreed that The Fullblast is to be laid to rest.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone that has helped us out over the years - our families, our friends, our girlfriends (current or past), bands, our associates, and most importantly, the fans. There aren't many bands keeping the dream of fast music alive anymore, and to those of you that continue to support punk rock, we thank you.

Our greatest hope is that we've inspired something in some of you. Musically, personally or whatever, we hope that we have touched you in some way in the last 6 years. We take great pride in the amount of hard work and passion we've devoted to this over the years, and we hope that our legacy is as a band that worked for any and all successes.

Read the full account via the MySpace posting. The band also states that the "circumstances surrounding this breakup" will not provide them with the opportunity for a farewell show, but the remaining four members expect to be active in other musical projects soon.

The Fullblast most recently released Short Controlled Bursts in 2005 via Dine Alone Records.