by Ramones

A retrospective release of Marky Ramone's post-Ramones material was recently released. Titled Start of the Century, the double album compiles material from The Intruders, The Ramones and some of his other projects. The first disc was produced by Lars Fredericksen (Rancid) who also contributes liner notes; Joan Jett also contributes vocals to one track, "Don't Blame Me." Also featured on the first disc are covers of the Kinks' "Better Things" (Better Days) and Beatles "Eleanor Rigby."

The second disc is Ramones covers with Marky on drums, David Brooks on vocals, C.J. Gunya on Guitar, Aaron Dowell on bass. Production for this disc was handled by Marky himself. The album was released by Varese Sarabande.

  1. Nobody Likes You,
  2. Can't Take It With You
  3. Peek Hole
  4. Oh No Not Again
  5. One Way Ride
  6. I Want's My Beer
  7. What If
  8. Coward With a Gun
  9. Probation
  10. Telephone Love
  11. I Wanna Win Thelottery
  12. Maybe Tomorrow
  13. Life Sucks
  14. Anxiety
  15. Don't Blame Me
  16. Good Luck Your Gonna Need It
  17. Cry Baby
  18. Holding a Grudge
  19. Better Things
  20. Don't Think
  21. Three Cheers for You
  22. Middle Finger
  23. Back Off
  24. Better Than Being You
  25. Man of God
  26. Road Rage
  27. Motivate to Move
  28. Under the Gun
  29. Nowhere Man