by Hydra Head

Cave In has announced their plans for the summer, including a temporary break from live shows while they focus on the follow up to Perfect Pitch Black. From their MySpace page (the band's main source of info until their main website can be reclaimed from the Antenna era):

we are now in a temporary retirement from performing live. The Perfect Pitch Black batteries are well exhausted and it is now time to replace them with a fresh set. As of this posting, our plan is to regroup as a full unit in the upcoming summer to record a new album's worth of material. There have been plenty of questions like "What will it sound like?" or "Is it going to be fast?" and numerous declarations like "I heard you guys are 'going hardcore' again" and "I wish you'd make something as good as (insert your favorite Cave In album here)". Our responses to those questions and others like them have been different each time we've been pressed to answer them. However, the entertainment value of those declarations and many more in similar nature will never decrease. Simply put, we find it grand to know that you're interested in what we're doing and in short, we can only abide by the guts of our limbs and our throats when the time comes for us to do so.

The band recently announced Japanese reissues of several of their Hydrahead-era reissues.