by Saddle Creek

Cursive's Tim Kasher sat down with Pitchfork to talk about what people can expect from the band's upcoming full length. The album is the first since the departure of cellist Gretta Cohn who's instrument was a fixture of the band's 2003 release The Ugly Organ.

According to the story, Cursive's new album, titled Happy Hollow, is due out August 22 and will feature 14 new songs as well as some five-piece horn arrangements courtesy of Nate Wolcott. Tim also described the sound of the album:

I really did want to go at it from a really clear perspective and I do think that in some ways some of the stuff has come out a little jagged or off… I think some of the more straightforward stuff kind of came about because we never did that as often, so that felt different to us. For goals, I think with any record that we do, I tend to go into it thinking that I want it to be louder and quieter and more expressive than the last one that we did."

Preceding the release will be a split 7" with Seattle band the Cops which will feature some material cut from the Happy Hollow sessions. The band is also scheduled to hit Chicago this summer to perform at the Lollapalooza Festival in Grant Park.

The album will follow up both their recent collection of 7 inch and unreleased tracks, The Difference Between Houses And Homes (Lost Songs And Loose Ends 1995-2001).