by East/West

Lucero has revealed some information about their upcoming reissue of their 2000 album, Attic Tapes. The album was originally released on Soul is Cheap . Of special interest is that the rereleased album will also feature bonus tracks including the much loved and requested cover of Jawbreaker's "Kiss the Bottle."

The track originally appeared on the band's debut 7-inch, My Best Girl and is highly sought after and frequently requested at the band's shows. The song was an MP3 of the Week here on in November 2001.

The reissue is due out April 11th via the band's East/West imprint, Liberty and Lament and a pre-orders are being taken here.

    Original Tracks
  1. Into Your Eyes
  2. Diamond State Heartbreak
  3. Hello Sadness
  4. Gone to the Sea
  5. Summer Song
  6. In Lonesome Times
  7. A Heart So True
  8. Took the Fall
  9. The Blue and the Gray
  10. Bonus Tracks:

  11. Wish Me Luck (early demos)
  12. Katherine and Me (early demos)
  13. So Long Tonight (early demos)
  14. My Best Girl (My Best Girl 7")
  15. Kiss the Bottle (My Best Girl 7")