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Oakland, California-based Retching Red has announced a five week tour of Europe in support of their upcoming full length. The band features Cinder Block of Tilt, and will be releasing Scarlet Whore of War on Rodent Popsicle Records.

Three tracks from the album can be heard on their myspace page.

Following the dates in Europe, the band will return to the United States for dates in July and August.

April 7, 2006ExhausTrier, Germany,
April 8, 2006Life BarAschaffenburg, Germany,
April 9, 2006Oetinger VillaDarmstadt, Germany ,
April 12, 2006Club ConfusionDen Haag, Netherlands,
April 13, 2006WinstonAmsterdam, Holland ,
April 14, 2006TBANL,
April 15, 2006Strumpf (Ujz Korn)Hannover, Germany,
April 16, 2006DanzRegensburg, Germany,
April 17, 2006Klub 07Prague, Czech Rep,
April 18, 2006Subway to PeterChemnitz, Germany,
April 19, 2006 LobuschHamburg, Germany,
April 20, 2006Tommy Weissbecker HausBerlin, Germany,
April 21, 2006Sonic BallroomKoeln, Germany,
April 22, 2006Juz-BingenBingen, Germany,
April 25, 2006Moloko BarGeneva, Switzerland,
April 26, 2006Alter StattbahnhofSchweinfurt, Germany,
April 27, 2006VisiliaVerona, Italy,
April 28, 2006the Traffic ClubRome, Italy,
April 29, 2006PedroPadova, Italy,
April 30, 2006TriebwerkWiener Neustadt , Austria,
May 1, 2006Backstage Rock ClubVolkach, Germany,
May 2, 2006ContrastKonstanz, Germany,
May 3, 2006Kombi,Nunchritz, Germany,
May 4, 2006Besetztes HausErfurt, Germany,
May 5, 2006AZ AachenAachen, Germany,,
May 6, 2006Jh TijlDiest, Belgium,
May 7, 2006The Melkweg in the Old Room (Wasted Festival)Amsterdam, NL,
May 13, 2006924 Gilman st.Berkeley, CA
June 24, 2006the Pound SfSan Francisco, CA
July 9, 2006Psycho StudiosSan Diego (Escondido), CA
July 12, 2006Lucky DevilsEl Paso, TX
July 13, 2006RedrumAustin, TX
July 14, 2006the SanctuarySan Antonio, TX
July 17, 2006the Dark RoomBaton Rouge, LA
July 19, 2006Top 5 RecordsTampa, FL
July 23, 2006the MilestoneCharlotte, NC
July 26, 2006the Nanci RaygunRichmond, VA
July 28, 2006the Side BarBaltimore, MD
July 29, 2006Championship RecordsLeymoyne, PA
August 2, 2006Cafe NineNew Haven, CT
August 7, 2006Smiling MoosePittsburgh, PA
August 10, 2006Stage 83 (Formerly Sean Kaleys)Chicago, IL
August 13, 2006Sleeper CellarKansas City, MO