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Complete Control Radio, the weekly punk rock show hosted by Joe Sib of SideOneDummy on Indie 103.1 will be chatting with Fat act Strung Out. The band will be talking about their busy 2006 touring schedule and other plans as well as the "state of music today." They will also be giving away tickets to their April 15th performance in Long Beach.

The band is planning to give away some signed posters from their show in Costa Rica and some copies of 2004's Exile in Oblivion as part of the weekly Complete Control contest but if you listen in live tonight you will have the chance to call in to win tickets to the Strung Out show in Long Beach on April 15th.

The show can be streamed online right here.

The show will also appear on Austin's 101X on Sunday nights at 10pm CST

Indie 103.1 Playlist 3/30/06

  1. Big Boys- Fun Fun Fun
  2. NOFX- Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
  3. Brigonds- Edmon
  4. Naked Raygun- Understand
  5. Riverboat Gamblers- True Crime
  6. Flipper
  7. Black Flag- Jealous Again
  8. The Loved Ones- Jane
  9. GBH- Generals
  10. Social Distortion- It's the Law
  11. Jawbreaker- Chesterfield King
  12. Snuff- Martin
  13. Stiff Little Fingers- Roots Radicals
  14. Blitz- Warriors
  15. Bad Religion- Along the Way
  16. Dwarves- Everyone's Girl
  17. Leatherface- I Don't Want to Be the One to Say it
  18. X- Hungry Wolf
  19. The Ramones- I Wanna Live

101X Playlist 4/2/06

  1. Big Boys- Fun Fun Fun
  2. NOFX- Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
  3. TSOL- Dance with Me
  4. Naked Raygun- Too Much of You
  5. Near Miss- Now Rectify
  6. Clit 45- Can't Stop Bleeding
  7. Scream- Stand
  8. No Use for a Name- Justified Black Eye
  9. Black Flag- Jealous Again
  10. The Casualties- Tomorrow Belongs to Us
  11. The Professionals- Mods, Skins, Punks
  12. Devo- Freedom of Choice
  13. The Briggs- One Shot Down
  14. One Man Army- Hemophiliac
  15. The Loved Ones- Jane
  16. The Avengers
  17. The Unseen- We Are All That We Have