Household Name / Sailors Grave act Bombshell Rocks has booked a set of dates in the UK starting next week.

The band is supporting the European release of their album, The Conclusion, and a North American release is planned on April 18th. The band released the Love For The Microphone EP on Combat Rock Industry in 2004. Their most recent full length was 2002's Burning Heart released From Here And On.

April 24, 2006Hartlepool, UKthe ClarendonBombshell Rocks, Tracy Gang Pussy, Holy Racket, Dogbite
April 25, 2006London, UKthe Windmill Latterman, Bombshell Rocks, You ME and the Atom Bomb, Breakneck
April 26, 2006Derby, UKVictoria InnBombshell Rocks, Verbal Warning, Living IN Autum
April 27, 2006Bristol, UKCroft Bombshell Rocks, Neck, Submerse, Valdez
April 28, 2006London, UKCamden, G-LoungeBombshell Rocks, Spookey, Random Heroes
April 29, 2006Leicester, UKAttikBombshell Rocks, the Nags, Firstwave
April 30, 2006Brighton, UKConcorde 2Capdown, Bombshell Rocks, Heroic Doses