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Plexifilm has set a June 27th, 2006 release date for the double CD documentary about the Minutemen titled We Jam Econo. The full-length documentary chronicles the outfit from their earliest days in the 1980s to the present times, containing footage from several live performances and over fifty interviews. The set includes over 5 Hours of Interviews, Live Performances and Archival Footage.

The producers had this to say:

A feature-length documentary on the too-brief life of one of the most revered, intriguing, and inspired bands of the early '80s. At the heart of their story is the immeasurable personal and musical bond between bassist Mike Watt and singer and guiatrist D. Boon. Childhood friends, their unbridled creativity and political views were the foundation of this groundbreaking band which refused to be categorized as Punk.

The film weaves together personal tales from Watt and drummer George Hurley with archival interview footage of the band and rare live performances. New interviews with over 50 musicians, artists, journalists, and friends help tell the Minutemen story, from their humble beginnings in the harbor town of San Pedro, California, to the tragic 1985 death of D. Boon in a highway accident in the Arizona desert.

A pre-order for the DVD has begun and you can find details here.

Among the band's many albums was the classic Double Nickels on the Dime released in 1984 on SST.