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Bomb the Music Industry! has announced a June 13th, 2006 release date for their upcoming album, Goodbye Cruel World.

The "band" released two free online albums last year: February's Album Minus Band and October's mini-album To Leave or Die in Long Island.

  1. Old and Unprofessional
  2. King of Minneapolis, Pts. I and II
  3. Even Winning Feels Bad
  4. Side Projects Are Never Successful
  5. 5 Funerals
  6. My Response To An Article In Alternative Press
  7. Where There's Smoke, There's Kids Dancing
  8. Goodbye Bitterness… Hello Shouting!!!
  9. From Martyrdom To Star(tyr)dom
  10. All Alone in my Big Empty Apartment
  11. Fuck The Fans
  12. Grudge Report (formerly GOFUCKMYSELF)
  13. King of Minneapolis, Pts. III and IV
  14. Anywhere I Lay My Head (Tom Waits cover)