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Ambulette joined the auspicious ranks of "bands that've had their gear stolen" this week. In a post on their Myspace blog, the band broke the news:

We stayed at the Extended Stay Hotel near the airport in Philly on Sunday night. Sometime between 1am and sunrise, our van was broken in to (popped the lock on the driver's side door) and the majority of our equipment was taken. Between 9:45 and 10:45 a.m., Matt was guilt-tripped by the two Philly beat cops on the scene for being "too damn optimistic" to leave anything valuable in the van overnight (it's worth noting that neither of the same two officers there to make the OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT thought that it was neccessary to get out of their squad car to investigate, not even once, despite the loss of $15,000 to $20000 worth of equipment; I love everybody, including the police, no kidding, but come on…). No one was hurt, and we have insurance that should help cover most or all of the loss, though much of the stuff ('59 Jazzmaster, anyone?) is irreplaceable.

A full list of the stolen gear can be found at their Myspace blog.

The band is currently able to continue their tour with Dredg and Ours using equipment from those bands. They also plan on continuing to tour afterwards with, playing dates with Rainer Maria. The band is supporting their recent release The Lottery EP.