Complete Control Radio, the weekly punk rock show hosted by Joe Sib of SideOneDummy on Indie 103.1 will be sitting down with The Slackers tonight. The acclaimed ska act will talk about their new record, Peculiar, touring and music in general.

The show can be streamed online starting at 8pm PST (11pm EST) right here.

The show will also appear on Austin's 101X on Sunday nights at 10pm CST and has also been added to The New Area 108 in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sundays at 10pm CST as well. The show has also been added to Fungus 53 on XM Radio and the show will air there on Sunday at 9pm PST, tuesday at 12pm PST and Friday at 6am PST.

1. 7 Seconds- We're Gonna Fight
2. The Scotch Greens- Professional
3. One Man Army- Victoria
4. Cockney Rejects- War on the Terraces
5. Chron Gen- Reality
6. Aggrolites- Mr. Misery
7. The Jones- Pillbox
8. Riverboat Gamblers- Don't Bury Me…I'm Still Not Dead
9. Clit 45- Your Life to Choose
10. Big Boys
11. Descendents- Suburban Home
12. The Real McKenzies
13. The Bouncing Souls- Private Radio
14. The Dwarves- Better Be Woman
15. Pennywise- Something Better Change
16. The Last- Walk Like Me
17. Bad Religion- We are only gonna die
18. Uprising- We Don't Belong
19. D.I.- Hang Ten in East Berlin
20. Play Pretty for Baby- Paratroop for Disco
21. Black Flag- Jealous Again
22. Dag Nasty- Values Here
23. Bad Brains- I Against I