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Just days after the announcement that their latest album would get a US release, Oslo, Norway's JR Ewing has called it quits. The band made the announcement on their website:

We are truly sad to announce that by the fall of 2006 JR Ewing will no longer be a band. After 8 years we feel it's time to move on. This has been a very hard decision for us, as we all love each others company and feel our music is as relevant today as when we started out in 1998. We hardly had any ambitions beyond playing a couple of shows for the hell of it, but it ended up being a life-altering experience that we feel very honoured and humble to have been a part of.

Along the way it has been harder for the members involved to have the same agenda, especially when it comes to the touring aspect of being in JR Ewing. Being away from our loved ones for months only to return home to a pile of bills we couldn't pay has proven to be a challenging ordeal, which can make any man unhappy.

The band recently wrapped up a series of support dates with Coheed and Cambria, and still have a number of dates throughout the summer planned. Work has also begun on a posthumous DVD. Norwegian speakers can read more in a recent Dagbladet piece.