Following reports from fans that Detroit's Suicide Machines had not appeared on their scheduled Mexican tour, drummer Ryan Vandeberghe made this announcement on the band's message board:

In the middle of this past March I called Jay and told him that I was quitting the band. After months and months of talking about taking a break, there wasn't any in sight. I told him that I hoped they would continue on with someone else because I knew there were things on the horizon that they had wanted to do (Mexico/Japan/U.S. summer tour). I was too burnt out on TSM to pull another full year of touring. My friend Steve McCrumb was going to handle the drumming for the Mexico tour (that's who the guy behind the kit was at the Troubadour). A couple weeks later at Left In Ruin practice, Jay told me he had also quit and that he was finishing up the Mexico/Japan tours. He asked if I would be into doing a proper "last hurrah" thing for our xmas shows, and I said yes. Fast forward to yesterday morning…Jay and Danny both called me and told me that Dan had a meltdown after the Troubadour show and decided that he didn't want to finish the tour. That is all I know right now because I wasn't there. Unfortunately, I do know that there won't be anymore shows from the band. I think it's not entirely a bad thing at the moment. Everyone has been busy with their own things that they are excited about. Some of us will be starting new bands and looking for new people to rock with. Danny will be touring with AAA this summer. After 5 1/2 years, Jay and I will finally be releasing a proper record with Left In Ruin, and I know Dan has got some things going on but I know nothing about them. Thank you guys for the years of support. We've all had an amazing time. G'night -V

Earlier in April guitarist Dan Lukacinsky told that the band was planning to complete the shows then take a break to recharge before autumn. He also dispelled rumours at the time that Vandeberghe and bassist Rich Tschirhart had left the group.

We're waiting on an official announcement or further confirmation from the band before putting this one to bed, but in the meantime fans looking to catch the band on tour should check with their local venues for confirmation.