by Birdman

Birdman Records has released some info on the upcoming debut full length from the Nice Boys. The band features members of celebrated Portland garage punk acts the Riffs and the Exploding Hearts, with frontman Terry Six being the only surviving member of the latter band. The band's ten song self-titled full length will arrive in July and features a lineup of Six on guitar and vocals, guitarist/vocalist Gabe Lageson, bassist/vocalist Colin Jarrell, drummer Alan Mansfield and Brian Lelko on keyes. Birdman describes the band's sound as "straight-ahead-stadium-rock-glam, led by a three-vocal attack, with amazing hooks." .

The Nice Boys previously released a 7" via Discourage Records.

  1. Teenage Nights
  2. Johnny Guitar
  3. Only in Dreams
  4. Avenue 29
  5. Dugong Along
  6. Ain't That Beat
  7. Another Girl
  8. All Our Good Times
  9. Southern Street
  10. Cheryl Anne (Carry On)