Unwritten Law will be releasing a greatest hits record in August via independent distributor Artist To Market Distribution (A2M) titled Hit List. The record will compile 17 of the band's songs from across their career, including two brand new studio tracks. The release will be priced low, with 9.99 suggested, as a result of the unique way that A2M operates. From the press release:

As with A2M's prior agreements, the direct relationship between Unwritten Law and A2M streamlines the supply chain through bypassing the traditional music label infrastructure. This allows the album to be offered at an attractive price to consumers, while enabling retailers to achieve a fair profit margin.

Les Borsai, Manager of Unwritten Law, stated, "Major labels are no longer in the business of band development. They need to break a single quickly, and if that doesn't happen you are left with no attention. You also need to compete with large rosters and limited marketing dollars. The A2M model solves these problems, because it allows more time to work a record. Artists should be able to have a career selling 100,000 units per cycle. The greatest thing about this deal is it allows the artist to retain ownership of their masters, creating a greater motivation to get our music placed."

The band released Here's to the Mourning in 2005 via Lava.