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Our friends at Wreck The Place Fantastic are reporting that Brazil's Blind Pigs are back in action after breaking up last year. The band are set to release Herois ou Rebeldes, the followup to 2002's Blind Pigs. The album was recorded prior to their split and frontperson Henrike had this to say:

"We broke up in June 2005 because we really needed some time off from the band, our lives were getting more complicated, and having an independent punk rock band here is really dificult. We wanted to try new things outside of the band, so we decided to call it quits and later on see what would happen.

Although the band has written and recorded in English before, Herois ou Rebeldes is the band's first full-length in their native tongue, Portugeuse. The band has also changed their moniker to the Portugeuse translation of their English name, Porcos Cegos.