Here's Tim Krysko of Wreck The Place Fantastic reporting in with our International Spotlight. Every week we're featuring updates and music downloads from bands outside the North American market. This week we're headed to South Africa:

This week I want to take a look at one of South Africa's many up'n-comers, The Scare, who reside in the thriving music town called Cape Town, are comprised of six self-proclaimed metal enthusiasts - that's two vocalists and two guitarists in the band - that have been together since just late 2004. Their first career highlight was winning three categories of a battle of the bands called Bandslam 2005: best band, best vocals, and best drums. The Scare's name since has been popping up at every key event in the South African undergroun scene. Last year they opened for Most Precious Blood when that band visited the country, and so far in 2006 they've played the crucial Witchfest and Knifefight festivals, and next month, Noisefest. The Scare have yet to release any recordings, but they recently signed to South Africa's Murdercall Records owned by Ivan of The Hurt Process and Hanu of The Narrow, so an album is currently in the works.

The Scare - "Broken Chains" (MP3)