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Paris, France-based Seventeen Records have begun reissuing the back catalogue of French punk band M.K.B Fraction Provisoire, for the first time on CD.

M.K.B. Fraction Provisoire is the band of filmmaker F.J. Ossang, who directed punk-rock influenced art movies Morituri, Le Trésor des iles Chiennes, and Doctor Chance (which featured the late Joe Strummer, who also collaborated on the soundtrack).

The project kicks off with the original first single of MKB Fraction Provisoire, "European Death Winners / MKB Provenance France / Globale Memoire Globale", originaly issued in 1981.

Coming in june is the first M.K.B Fraction Provisoire album, "Terminal Toxique", in deluxe digipack format. The others M.K.B Fraction Provisoire albums will follow in the fall, including "Morituri", "Cantos Propaganda" & "Doctor Chance", this last one with a track featuring Joe Strummer.