by Thorp

Vermont-based hardcore/skate/punk act My Revenge have announced a July 25th, 2006 release date for their upcoming sophomore release for Thorp. The album is the follow up to their 2004 full length, Less Plot, More Blood and is titled Six Feet Of Earth Makes All Of Us Equal,.

The title track from the album has been posted and you can find that here: "Six Feet Of Earth Makes All Of Us Equal."

  1. The Best Things in Life Are Not Things
  2. Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday
  3. Rats, Night of Terror
  4. Six Feet of Earth Makes All of US Equal
  5. A War in Heaven
  6. "How Many Heart Attacks Does That Make Todd?" "About a Baker's Dozen Bob."
  7. Why Rock the Boat When You Can Sink It?
  8. Put Justice ON Layaway When You're Poor
  9. Black Lagoon