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Anti-Flag has released the latest video from their recent full length.

The band had this to say about the video:

What the hell would you spend 1 Trillion dollars on? The world spends that much money on weaponry per year… Between our European tour and the start of this summers Warped Tour we were fortunate enough to hook up with the creative force that is Scrambled Visual Entertainment. This video for the "For Blood And Empire" track "1 Trillion Dollars" is the end result. The video is a cause and effect story of a young girl and her loving mother reading a pop-up book, seeing 1st hand the results of that very thirst for military spending. Take action now! Share it with everyone. Friends, family, and most importantly enemies! The messages of peace are ours, it is our responsibilty to spread them.

You can check out the video here: "One Trillion Dollars."

The outspoken band continues to support their recent full length, For Blood and Empire.