Enola Grey, which features former members of Victory metal/hardcore act Martyr AD have posted a new track via their label, Feeling Faint. The band has posted a new demo and you can check it out here.

Under threat of lawsuit from a DJ in England, New Jersey's Skynet was forced to change their name. The band has changed their name to For Science and will not be delaying their upcoming debut, Revenge For Hire which will be out with tweaked cover art to reflect the name change on July 4th, 2006.
For Science's new myspace can be found here and features 3 songs from the upcomming album on Don Giovanni Records.

Have Heart have posted another track, "The Unbreakable," from their upcoming Bridge Nine debut full-length The Things We Carry. The band posted the track "The Machinist" earlier this month. Both tracks are available for streaming on the band's MySpace.

Juniper recently recorded with Mike Kalajian of Life Before This and have posted four demos from the sessions. You can hear "Anticipatient," "Reoccuring Truth," "The Movement," and "Trilogy" at the Myspace and Purevolume pages. The band is looking to tour this summer with Gibbler and is recommended for fans of older Yellowcard and Staring Back.

The North Atlantic have posted another track from their upcoming WPO Records debut. The album, is a new wide issue of Wires in the Walls. The album was originally issued in a limited run in 2003 and you can check out a review of the original here: Wires in the Walls. You can check out the song here: "Scientist Girl."
The band will also be on the road for the next few weeks.