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The inscrutable Ted Leo has set his sights on none other than Sir Elton John. Leo took issue to John referring to coach Sven Goran Eriksson as "Sven Goran Abba-dabba" to which Ted replied:

I'm calling him on this and saying 100% RACIST, and not only racist, but that particular brand of nationalist-racism that even labels other people of the same race, but not the same nationality as somehow "unworthy!" Oh gee, sorry Mr. fucking shill for Mickey Mouse - only an Englishman would be worthy of coaching the English team, huh? What if they'd have won, you prick?

By the way, are there any English people with the last name "Eriksson?" I bet there are, because aside from immigration since England became "England," all those Angles and Saxons and Jutes, all those Danes and Norwegians, they ran amok all over your friggin' land of mope and boring (*) and basically created your modern nationality by "seeding" the resident Celtic and lingering Roman populace with many many Erik's sons. You on your high horse is the disgrace (well, you and the thuggish Rooney). So when are you gonna land, huh? When are you gonna come down? There's only one Queen of England, and she seems a lot nicer than you!

Mr.Leo and his band will be playing the Touch and Go Records 25th anniversary party with Shellac, Pinback, Calexico and Negative Approach as well as scattered touring this summer. They recently released two demos for their upcoming release for Touch and Go. recently spoke with Mr. Leo about his label change and upcoming album amongst other things.