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Rancid have updated their website talking about their plans for touring as well as the schedule for their new album and more.

The band has been slowly trickling out dates for their upcoming world tour, which started yesterday in Tempe, AZ. The band is promising a completely different set each night, selected from over 150 Rancid songs as well as cuts from Tim and Matt's former band Operation Ivy and Lars' Bastards.

The band also reports that XM Radio has been playing 96 hour marathons of it's "Rancid Radio" series and will be featuring a "Jeff's Pix" segment, where you can send in your own records for play on the air.

While not revealing many details, the band states authoritatively that they will be releasing their next record in the Spring of 2007. has a list of up to date tour dates here.

For Jeff's Pix Rancid Radio Segment:
Rancid Radio
1714 Franklin #100-141
Oakland, Ca 94612-3409