According to this story, Texas-based band And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead have wrapped up work on their next full length and follow up to 2005's Worlds Apart.

The album is as-yet untitled and is expected on October 3rd. The band was disappointed with the critical lashing the album took, with frontman Conrad Keely telling Billboard:

I put everything I had into that record, and recording it was a miserable ordeal. After its reception I was pretty much ready to retire from music and find another career, convinced that I wanted nothing more to do with making music for anyone. But when we started this new album, which was meant to be an EP, I had a different attitude. Mainly, I tried not to care at all, and approach it with a more 'I don't give a fuck' outlook.

The band enlisted the help of friends to diversify the sound of the record, including contributions from the Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer.

In anticipation of the release, the band will be headed out this Fall with the Blood Brothers.