Park - "Building A Better ______"

Park's Building a Better _______ hits stores in two weeks but thanks to the fine folks at Lobster Records, we're bringing you 1/3 of the album for your listening pleasure today.

Park's newest album takes their blend of math-rock, mid-90's emo and bits of post-hardcore and refines it even more, taking a slightly softer yet more dynamic approach than their previous album, It Won't Snow Where You Are Going. The album sounds slightly more optimistic than their previous releases while retaining singer Ladd's signature lyrical malaise.

You can stream "Angles & Errors," "Chica Chica" and "Hide & Seek" at the band's profile and the other two-thirds with our friends at Mammoth Press and Emotional Punk. Some bonus tracks on the album are also available at

In case you hadn't heard, you can stream music from over 50 bands such as Dead To Me, Good Riddance, Drag the River and One Reason at the Music page.