Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Universal Music Group

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer recently talked to MTV News about the status of the band:

Really, for the moment, we are done. And I'm not certain we'll ever make a record again, unless it becomes really obvious to me that we need to do one.

The band began their hiatus in January and since then, Cuomo graduated from Harvard and got married. Although the band hasn't been together to write music, Cuomo still continues:

All this year, I've been feeling pretty creative and excited, so I've been writing a lot. "I don't know what'll happen with these songs -- if anything -- I just sort of write them and I can't stop. I certainly don't see them becoming Weezer songs, and I don't really see the point of a solo career. So we'll just have to see.

A greatest hits collection is currently being discussed, though the band doesn't all see eye-to-eye on it. Cuomo concludes:

I'm not convinced that we have a greatest-hits album that is worth putting out at this point. I'd like to include two more amazing songs on there. And anything else would just seem lazy to me. We'll see, though. I don't really feel comfortable with it now.