Contributed by Mute98, Posted by TKO

`77 era UK punk band Chelsea has signed to TKO Records. The band's early line up of Gene October, James Stevenson, Chris Bashford and will release the Sod The War 7" EP this fall, followed by the full length Faster, Cheaper & Better Looking. That album was previously was released in the UK in late 2005 via Captain Oi! and features Buzzcocks bassist Tony Barber. It is the first album featuring that early grouping in over 20 years. A fall tour of the US west coast is in the works also.

Chelsea made their live debut in October of 1976 supporting the band Throbbing Gristle at London's ICA. The band's first incarnation, which featured Billy Idol on guitar, soon departed en masse to form Generation X. In 1977 Gene October rebuilt the band from the ground up, and since then the group has gone through numerous member changes, break ups and reformations. The band's "classic" line up (that is, the version that existed around `79 when they released their first full length) got back together in 1999 for the Social Chaos tour across America.