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In what is likely to be the strangest story we post today, early Lifetime bassist and exotic dancer Linda Kay has been arrested after police found a human hand in a jar of formaldehyde and six human skulls in the basement of her South Plainfield home.

Kay was arrested and charged with improper disposition of human remains. She was held on $100,000 bail and was to have an arraignment on Wednesday, but failed to show in court. The attorney for the club where Kay works had this to say:

[Linda] is artistic, but not vicious. I believe that's why she collected those items. Other people might take issue with her tastes. I know I do. But look at Andy Warhol. He painted soup cans.

And Hott 22 does not knowingly hire mass murderers."

Kay appears in the original version of the band's album, Background, but did not perform on the recording, A remastered version of that album also appears on the band's recent compilation Somewhere in the Swamps of New Jersey.