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More details on the upcoming Lillingtons release keep trickling down. According to frank discussions with Red Scare, The Too Late Show features all four original members and was recorded at the Blasting Room. The band shared the production duties with Andrew Berlin and had the mastering done by Jason Livermore.

They've also enlisted the assistance of Chicagoan Ben Weasel to sequence the album, just like they did for their previous efforts. The Weasel also reveals a bit about the track titles and his thoughts on the album:

The album features plenty of DBTV-style melodic numbers to get the toes tappin' and fingers snappin' like "Mars vs. Hollywood," "Vaporize My Brain," "Stay Tuned," and, the best of this bunch, "All I Hear Is Static." But the album is also teeming with those idiot savant type anthems that comprised most of BCB; tunes like "Gunbullet," "The Ancient Tale Of The Evil Chinaman," "Target Earth" and "Do It USSR" ought to satisfy the mutant freak in every good punk rocker.

He goes on to describe the whole album "an audio version of an old EC comic, this one is lurid, succinct and always weirdly compelling" and breaks the news that any touring on this album is very unlikely.

The album comes out on October 10th and is the latest in what seems to be a flurry of activity from the defunct band, including the Technically Unsound boxset and the reissues of both Backchannel Broadcast and Death By Television.

Currently frontperson Kody Lillington is spending time in fellow Ramones revivalists Teenage Bottlerocket.