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Discover America have posted a new demo on their MySpace as previously promised.

Sattori have posted a track from their new EP, Lullaby. The record was released today and continues the twisted story from their previous release, Lullaby E.P., about a troubled man making all the right choices but going about it in the wrong manner. You can check out the song here: "A Stage of Sills."

Mugshot have posted some music from their debut full length, Pause and Reflect. The album is due out today. You can check out the songs on their myspace page.

Scotland's Resistance have posted three new tracks from their upcoming debut. You can check out the songs on their myspace page.

Bloomington, IN-based McSmokerson have been working on their new full length, McSmokerson Yells Fire In a Crowded Movie Theater and have posted a live recording of one of the tracks scheduled to appear. You can check out "There's a Bomb Attached To My Chest" on their myspace page.