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Nevea Tears have posted two new demos from their upcoming full length and follow up to 2004's Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You?. You can check them out on their myspace page.

1917 Records act Eaten Alive have posted four demos on their MySpace. You can download "Intro," "Politics," "Get Sick," and "cs" here.

Australian activists Consider the Meek have posted two tracks from their debut full length, The Now Generation. A worldwide release is expected to follow in September with an Asian edition available now. Four tracks are available on their myspace page.

Mysterious Deadbeats, a Northern Ireland-based "deathrock" band with influences including Sisters of Mercy, the Cult, The Damned and NOFX have posted their first EP for free download. The EP comes in anticipation of their full length, Kiss of Death which is due out November 1st. You can download the entire EP here.

Vice Records have posted the Favourite Sons track "Hang On Girl" for downloading. You can check out the track here.