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Leftover Crack have posted an update on their Myspace with the status of their split record with Citizen Fish:

That's right we are at this very moment recording our side of the split record with citizen fish to be released sometime between holloween and the end of january, maybe as early as november. Ezra is laying down his song ("WW4") with Alec and Ara, we finished recording my 3 originals not an hour ago, the ska/punk "hit" being "your time is up!" a scathing indictment of rich greedy vampire types that bleed the proletariat of the world dry, also "life causes cancer" and a 3rd as yet untitled. Now I gotta do scratch vox on our Citizen Fish cover, then it's Brads song and then our subhumans cover. Citizen Fish are set to record their 5 originals and their C.V. & L.O.C. covers at the end of august.

The ever-controversial band released Fuck World Trade in 2004.