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Impact Press, a punk-inspired political magazine has called it a day. The magazine formed in 1996 and went on to publish sixty issues with runs of 10,000 issues apiece.

Editor Craig Mazer posted a farewell note:

For the last few years, IMPACT has struggled financially. It stayed around this long because I was simply too passionate to let it slip away. Unfortunately, after a while, my ability to keep it afloat has diminished and it's no longer a burden I can shoulder.

Still, 60 issues later, IMPACT has left its mark. While the magazine is not well-known and was often taken for a punk rag as opposed to the political magazine I always strived for, I'm still quite proud.

I think that despite the failure to generate the necessary ad revenue, IMPACT accomplished plenty in the ten years it was around. Sixty issues were published with at least 10,000 copies of each; that amounts to over 600,000 copies of IMPACT press. "

Some recent features from the article can be found on their official website.