Montreal ska / punk act the Delegates have called it quits. The band indicates that the members will move on to other musical projects, perhaps working together on the new acts. From their statement:

…I have the unpleasurable task of informing you that we have decided to take an indefinte "break." A lot has transpired in the past year, much of which has stifled our momentum and made the decision only slightly easier to reach. I would prefer not to go into details, but it has been a combination of difficulties with our record label, family tragedy, pending deportation, and the need to indulge new forms of musical variety that are not necessarily compatible with The Delegates musical format.

Despite these setbacks, we remain the best of friends and take pride in the way that we stuck together, the same 6 guys, through seven years of the strikes and gutters of "doin it ourselves" rock and roll. We have had some of the most incredible and unique experiences one could ever imagine and I know I will treasure and remember them forever…

The Delegates released The Diary of Hamilton Fish in 2005 via Bankshot! Records.