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On a Bad Religion MySpace bulletin Brooks had the following to say:

Just wanted to inform everyone that i have formed a new project called "Kidneys" please go to and join our friends…

The band initially formed in 2003, and is described as "a cross between Elvis Costello and the Descendents". Brooks handles all intstrument and vocal duties on recordings, but is joined during live performances by Unwritten Law's Tony Palermo on drums and Death By Stero's Tyler Rebbe playing bass. An album was recorded and set for release in late 2005, yet no word on what date it has been pushed back to or what label will be puttiing it out. You can check out 3 songs from Kidneys right here.

Meanwhile, in his full-time gig, Brooks will be back behind the drum kit for a United States and Canadian co-headlining tour with labelmates Dropkick Murphys.

For those keeping track, nearly every Bad Religion member has a side project now. Frontman Greg Graffin recently released Cold as the Clay, Jay Bentley and Greg Hetson have their recently unveiled T4 Project, and lead guitarist Brett Gurewitz has a little label you may have heard of.