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Meg: A hardcore punk band with a hoarse, nearly-indistinguishable at most times vocalist who yells about homosexuality. Ohh, Limp Wrist. Talk about a band who really is just doing their own thing. "I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore" well represents the band's sound and ability to make a memorable, clever song. Though the track is shy of a minute, it's long enough to include an amazing time change about 30 seconds into it and instruments that cushion, not turn attention away from the raw feel of Martin Sorrondeguy's distinct vocals.

Limp Wrist - "I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore" Aubin: Made Out of Babies is a remarkable band that thrives on every aspect of being very, very loud. Fronted by Julie Christmas, a woman who can sound eerily cute at one moment and then genuinely unsettled at another and backed by a band that artfully assembles a collage of heavy hardcore and garage punk. The band will be releasing Coward in September and even the artwork is twisted.

You can check out "Mr.Prison Shanks" on their Profile.