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Mark Rowan recently sat down with Paramore's Zac Farro (drums) and Josh Farro (guitar) to talk about being brothers, being 16 years-old, being Michael Jackson, and being… on steroids?

All We Know Is Falling came out a bit over a year ago, what have you guys done as far as the next album goes? Zac Farro: We’ve written a couple songs…

Josh Farro: We started writing it and we’re just taking our time. Making sure the right songs come out at the right time. It’s a slow process, but we’re getting there. We are planning on recording it in November or December.

What is it like for you two guys, as brothers, to be in a band together? Zac: It sucks…no it’s awesome. I don’t think I would be in this band if my brother wasn’t in it.

Josh: We’ve been playing together for so long, if one of us wasn’t in the band it would just be hard to comprehend I guess. We love each other so much… [laughs]

What’s it like spending your summer vacation from school on tour? Zac: You really don’t know what summer is and what winter is, except for the cold and hot. Because everything is the same; we’re touring all the time.

Josh: Sometimes I wish I could go on an actual vacation, but then I realize I can go to a different city everyday. I get to experience all that in one summer, but a lot of people don’t even get to explore their own country.

How do your parents feel about you being 16 and touring "some of America’s most dangerous places like New Jersey"? Zac: Well I was born there, thank you very much. [Semi-awkward laughs] They know we’re safe with our tour manager and he’ll look out for us. I’m always with my older brother. They wouldn’t let me do it if my older brother wasn’t here.

Josh: I’m very strong so nobody could really mess with us… [laughs] No, they are cool with it. Just whenever we’re about to play a dangerous city they will call and be like, "Just be careful, don’t walk around by yourself."

Do you think it’s funny that you guys are so young and headlining this tour? Zac: I think it’s really strange. The first day we pulled up I was like, "These dudes are like 22-23 opening up for our band. I’m 16." It’s kind of weird; they’ve been working on this for a long time. Not to say that we haven’t been. We’ve just started really young. It just totally feels like we don’t deserve it, but we’ve worked really hard so.

If you two were in the Jackson 5 who would be Michael and who would be Tito? Zac: [laughs] He would be Michael because I couldn’t do that.

Josh: Zac can actually dance a little bit.


Josh: Better than me, dude. I’m so white. I have no coordination whatsoever. You’d be Michael, you would be.

Zac: Hayley would be Michael. [laughs] And I’d be Peter…I don’t even know if there’s a Peter, but I’d be him.

Josh: Alright…Peter Jackson?

Zac: He’s famous isn’t he?

Josh: I think he directed Lord of the Rings.

With the recent steroid scandals in every field of sports, would you like to make any admissions about improving your music through the use of steroids or human growth hormones? Josh: Oh my god. [laughs] Well, we use those all the time, especially Hayley, because we’re working on getting really big and putting on a better show.

Zac: Steroids are the way to go.

Josh: We couldn’t do it without them.

Would you like the thank steroids for your quick rise to fame? Zac: Yes, thank you so much. We’re sponsored by them.