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Another weekly chart courtesy of our friends at We'll be bringing you a weekly update on the most popular albums of the past week, and of the past year as determined by sales in that store. We thought it would be a good way to see what people are listening to within our community; whether it be punk, hardcore, emo, ska or whatever.

This week was dominated by more established acts, including the polarizing Casualties, the polarizing Against Me!, the polarizing Guttermouth and the polarizing Alexisonfire. Other entries included the deluxe live CD+DVD package from Reel Big Fish.

The top ten for 2006 remains fixed this week, with no entries breaking through. A number of big releases hit soon, and more big releases from the likes of New Found Glory, Strike Anywhere and The Matches are dropping next month, so that may change in a hurry come September.

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Top 10 Albums of 2006
1Anti-FlagFor Blood And Empire
3Rise AgainstThe Sufferer and the Witness
4Flogging MollyWhiskey on a Sunday
5From First To LastHeroine
6AtreyuA Deathgrip On Yesterday
7UnderoathDefine the Great Line (Limited Edition)
8NOFXWolves In Wolves' Clothing
9Taking Back SundayLouder Now
10The Bouncing SoulsThe Gold Record
Top 5 Albums of Last Week
1The CasualtiesUnder Attack
2Against Me!Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!!
4Reel Big FishOur Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album
5GuttermouthShave The Planet