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Ambulette have announced the completion of their new record. The band features Maura Davis of Denali as well as Stephen Howard (Pinebender), Matt Clark of Joan of Arc and drummer Ryan Raspsys (Euphone)

They had this to say:

So the recording of the record has been completed. Yes we are finally done with it. Now we need to find somebody to mix it. We recorded 14 songs for y'all. […] If I knew the names to our songs I'd tell you everything we recorded but I don't so I won't. The record should be out early next year and we can't wait for everyone to hear it. Maura killed it and it sounds great and blah blah blah blah…

We are trying to do some touring before the year is over so look for that. Then we begin to prepare for the Ambulette assult on the world. None of us have ever made a record of this size that will have the support that hopefully this record will have. It's all new to us. Next year should be lots of fun. I'll start napping now to get the energy.

The band previously released The Lottery.