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Details have been announced for a compilation entitled Skinned Knees, Sutured Hearts, featuring tracks from three of the four bands melodic hardcore veteran Dan Yemin has played in.

Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and Paint It Black all contribute tracks to the collection, handpicked by Yemin himself.

The 25-song album is reportedly "vinyl-only," yet massive online punk retailer lists the release on sale in compact disc format.

In any event, the Devil in the Woods label will release Skinned Knees, Sutured Hearts on September 26th.

Yemin is currently splitting time between two of the aforementioned acts: the reunited Lifetime, and his newer outfit Paint It Black.

Dan Yemin - Skinned Knees, Sutured Hearts
  1. *69
  2. Daneurysm
  3. Rodeo Clown
  4. Anchor
  5. Knives, Bats, New Tats
  6. Young, Loud and Snotty
  7. Francie Nolan
  8. Cut the Tension
  9. The Verona Kings

  11. Pause
  12. K05-0564
  13. Sweet Shop Syndicate
  14. Table 19
  15. Bookworm
  16. Heart a Tact
  17. Two for Flinching
  18. Death and Taxes
  19. Copout
  20. Living Daylights

  22. Cannibal
  23. Void
  24. Head Hurts Hands on Fire
  25. The New Brutality
  26. Atheists in Foxholes
  27. Memorial Day