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Australia's Frenzal Rhomb have announced more information about their upcoming full length. Due out October 7th, the album is titled Forever Malcolm Young.

In support of the record, the band is promising a tour through the continent, with some "special" US guests in tow. The band ihas posted three news songs on their myspace page.

The band previously released Sans Souci and since then, two members - Jay and the Doctor - took to the airwaves as the new hosts of Triple J's breakfast show.

  1. Forever Malcolm Young
  2. Graham Abo Henry
  3. Johnny Ramone was in a fucken good band but he was a cunt (Gabba Gabba You Suck)
  4. Red Wine and Altar Boys
  5. Brians Problems
  6. When Will I See You at the ICU
  7. Please Go Over There
  8. Fuck You and your Stupid Band
  9. Cruelty to Animals
  10. Dont Touch the Rabbit
  11. Medicine Balls
  12. Predickle Me This
  13. Goon Wolf
  14. Im a Backwards Fucken Useless Piece of Dogshit… And I Vote
  15. You Need a Friend
  16. Holiday not Vacation
  17. Dont Shoot The Guests
  18. Caps Lock
  19. Find Your Own Way Home
  20. Wha Happened?