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Long Island, NY hardcore act Up the Fury has announced several updates via a MySpace bulletin.

Former bassist Drew Olsen has rejoined the band as their drummer, while Greg Santoro has also rejoined as a guitarist.

The band will hit the studio soon to record a new song in the next couple weeks for Volume 2 of Smithtown and Friends, a compilation of Long Island hardcore bands whose first volume hit in 1999. In addition to Up the Fury, the incestuous trio of This Is Hell, the Backup Plan and Soldiers (members of This Is Hell) has been confirmed to appear as well. The band is sure to mention "look out for that…if you like CD-Rs, that is," implying the compilation will not see an "official" release, but rather, distribution via burned compact discs.

Lastly, local shows are promised for the winter season as the band continues writing for their debut full-length, which would follow up a pair of 2006 releases, those being the Modern Culture EP and a demo CD-R.